Wall Mount Faucets

Kohler wall mount faucets streamline your basin area, placing spout and handle on the wall for a clutter-free basin.

Product FAQs

Wall mount faucets differ from deck-mounted faucets primarily in their placement. While deck-mounted faucets are installed directly onto the basin or countertop, wall mounted faucets are fixed to the wall, freeing up valuable counter space. This makes cleaning easier and gives a sleek, uncluttered look to the bathroom. The wall mount design also allows for more depth in the basin, making them a practical choice for certain bathroom configurations.

Wall mounted faucets offer several benefits, such as enhancing the overall bathroom aesthetic and making cleaning tasks less cumbersome. Their elevated installation eliminates the tight space between the faucet and the sink, making it easier to clean the surrounding areas. They also provide the opportunity to have a deeper sink and can be positioned at various heights, catering to individual needs. This design flexibility can be particularly advantageous for bathrooms with unique layouts or limited space.

Wall mount faucets significantly impact bathroom aesthetics by providing a clean, streamlined look. They eliminate the visual clutter usually found around deck-mounted faucets, giving your basin area a minimalist appeal. Additionally, because they're mounted on the wall, they allow for more creative tile and backsplash designs, offering a focal point that draws attention. In essence, wall mounted faucets can serve as a design statement, elevating the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

Beyond the Ordinary: Kohler Wall Mount Faucets

In a home where every corner speaks of taste and refinement, the bathroom should be no exception. It's a personal haven that must resonate with comfort, functionality, and sheer aesthetic pleasure. Kohler wall mount faucets are crafted to meet these exact aspirations. Indulge as we take you on an exploration of the wall mount faucets by Kohler, where cutting-edge design meets timeless style, and everyday utility transforms into an extraordinary experience.

Kohler wall mount faucets are characterized by their exquisite design. These faucets represent a step towards a clutter-free, minimalist environment. The faucets, with their ceramic disc valving, are mounted on the wall, allowing for a sleek and streamlined appearance. Add to this the variety of styles and finish options, and you are offered an inspiring range that meets individual tastes and needs.

Functionality is at the heart of our design philosophy, and the wall mount faucets are no exception.

The ceramic disc valving technology ensures a leak-free experience and smooth handle control, enhancing the lifespan of the faucet. The elevated design enables effortless cleaning underneath the faucet, maintaining hygiene and appearance.

At Kohler, we believe that your bathroom should be a space that brings you pleasure every day. The design, the detailing, the quality - none of these should be a place for compromise. Our wall mount basins are a testament to this belief, offering a solution that's as beautiful as it is functional.