Refund Policy

Kohler DTC Return/Refund Structure:

In order to initiate a return of any specific Service/Product, it is mandatory for the Users/Visitors to first initiate a return process in Kohler India’s DTC portal.

Subsequent to such initiation, a verification shall take place by the concerned Customer service representative and if successful, the defective product shall be picked up (if required) and refund will be initiated. There will be no replacement of any Service and the User/Visitor shall only be entitled to get a refund. In order to place a refund, the User/Visitor must promptly place a return request order within 7 days from the receipt of delivery of Service under the following circumstances failing which no refund will be initiated.

How to create return request:

In order to place a return request, please check for “Place Return” section (under Customer service) in website footer. Click ‘Place return’ and fill the order details to initiate return’s for your order. You can also click on this link which will direct you to return section.

Product once installed is Not entitled for Returns under 7* Days Return policy. It will be entertained under standard warranty/claims policy.

Reasons under which return request can be raised:-

  • Damaged Product
  • Defective Product
  • Missing parts/accessories
  • Wrong product received

Refund will happen for the exact amount paid by customer for the Service(s) for which return request is placed under conditions mentioned in the table above. Return request to be validated and refund to be processed only if the return request is validated as a genuine request.

Imp Note*

Purewash Product segment is eligible for return of the product purchased online within a period of three months from the date of delivery of the product by Kohler India in case the customer is dissatisfied with the performance of the product after the installation. This Scheme shall commence on 15-Sep-2023 and is valid till 31-Dec-2024. Except as mentioned hereinabove, remaining terms and conditions of return and refund shall be applicable accordingly.

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