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Architects Gauri Satam and Tejesh Patil take cues from Mother Nature, and show us how to play with solid colours in a bathroom, to align with the room they are attached to…


Taking inspiration from the environment, this 1,800 sq ft Ahmedabad home was consciously crafted using hues associated with a tropical rainforest. The overall aesthetic aims at crafting a biophilic indoor space by rejuvenating the inhabitants with a metaphorical visual connect with nature, through various creative interpretations. The bathroom designs for the bedrooms and the study are in continuum with the overall thought process of the home interiors. 


When matching a bathroom to a bedroom or a room it corresponds to, what are the factors to keep in mind? 

The bed space and bath should feel in continuum, as one entity. Hence in this specific project, we have taken earthy hues of the walls and decor from the bedrooms into the bath to establish that connect. Functionally, it is vital to establish the hierarchy of space within a bath from the dry area to the wet, from the most used to the least, and accordingly plan the design.


What are your tips for adding decor elements to solid-coloured bathrooms, like the ones for this space? 

The decor should complement the bold hues, but must not shout too loud, keeping in mind the space constraints. It has to be carefully chosen as something that is robust, water resistant, which would adapt to the moisture in bathrooms. We picked products like wall plates from Cyahi and resin art from Bhumika. 



Thoughts on designing a powder room….

They are the most used bathrooms in any home and are probably the only ones guests may visit, so they should be thoughtfully conceived. Ideally, they should be spacious, and if not then at least bold enough to leave a long-lasting memory on the guests’ minds, being experiences of luxury in themselves. This powder room, a little cave of fuchsia, with black and white chevron floor transcends one into another parallel world temporarily. It has been conceived as a dark cavern, upholding boldness and contrast. A bold canvas from JJ Art Gallery is the prime focal point for the space. Kohler sanitary ware and a customised mirror from a salvaged ornate wooden frame, complete the decor.

Gauri Satam and Tejesh Patil, Founders, unTAG Architects, Mumbai

“Our studio strongly adheres to climatic sensibility, contextual rooting, spatial functionality, material sensitivity and economic viability as their core values. We ensure an active role of the clients while evolving our designs, understanding their aspirations, lifestyles and constraints, which helps us collectively shape a project that takes into account value for money, time and sentiments.”



Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images Courtesy: unTAG Architects


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