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Converting your old space into a completely new bathroom can seem daunting, but with the right tips you’ll be encouraged to adapt for a fresh look. Kavya Sheth of Studio Ruh takes us through her dream project, Transitional Oasis, sharing the challenges and excitement of transforming two old-fashioned washrooms into one large swanky space…

When Studio Ruh was approached to give the master suite of a nearly 20-year-old villa in Bengaluru a facelift, we knew how much it would entail, and were sure the outcome would be beyond rewarding. Both my colleague Aparajita Basnet and I, who worked on this project together, decided to make minor yet impactful civil changes – two washrooms were combined to form a single large bathroom on a raised level to conceal retrofit plumbing lines, and the walk-in closet and bedroom embraced a rejuvenated design scheme. Exterior architectural details like doors and windows were kept intact.


As the master bathroom was the protagonist of this project, attention to detail was our goal. The raised bathroom opens into a sleek his-and-her vanity and one enters the luxurious ambience via a white-hued double door. Warm wood floors and beige marble-clad walls complete the look. The entrance is flanked by an enclosed glass shower cabin and semi-closed WC cubical on either end. The former has a marble-wrapped bench, recessed marble floor drains and matte bronze fittings. The stellar vanity wall has countertops with an intriguing marble edge detail, under mount sinks and timeless wall sconces to add an element of glamour. 


Remember Before Remodelling:

  • Always check the condition of existing plumbing lines – in most cases, it’s better to lay new ones to increase the life of the renovated bathroom. Double-check the pressure required for your new fittings and opt for a pressure pump if necessary.

  • If you are demolishing any walls and redoing the tiling or marble, pay close attention to the waterproofing of the floors. Have it redone by a professional if needed.

  • If new pipes need to be added and you don’t have the luxury of a sunken slab, add a step-up within the space (as little as 4" is enough), so all your piping can be hidden below it.

  • Try retaining as many windows of the original space as possible. Natural light always makes any room feel large and luxurious. Identify the functional spaces of the new bathroom and account for the right kind of task and mood lighting, as these make a world of difference.

  • Plan the electricals and plumbing well in advance, and hide the geyser/pressure pump within a false ceiling.

Kavya Sheth

Kavya Sheth, Creative Director, Studio Ruh, Bengaluru

“Studio Ruh, founded in 2018, is driven to create spaces that make people feel good. We strongly believe in ideating spaces that have soul and the happiness of our clients is the ultimate objective. An all-women team of seven strong, passionate individuals, Studio Ruh is a family that co-creates spaces with, and not just for, their clients.”


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images: Gokul Rao Kadam. Courtesy Studio Ruh 


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