Category : Bathroom Posted : 10/01/2022

It’s not just real plants that can add in an element of nature to your bathroom. We show you how playing around with colours, designs and textures can bring in the feeling of being one with nature too…

Go Leafy

Fill your bathroom with a real tropical vibe. Speckled Terrazzo tiles used on the wall of the elevated showering area with customised cemented tiles on the floor brighten the space and transform it into a true escape. The huge Monstera leaf print design on the wall acts as an anchor point for this bathroom, introducing an element of nature. Refreshing and calming, this pastel bathroom has a soothing effect on the senses.


Play With Textures

Enjoy a luxurious shower while enjoying the stunning vibes of this bathroom. The rich and glorious shade of emerald green splashed across this space gives a real luxe feel to the room. The exquisite Turkish marble with a hint of gold looks elegant and adds a fluidic touch to the space. The extravagant, glazed green Chevron tiles on the wall behind the vanity give the room a unique and captivating look. Arresting yet minimalist, this bathroom is a real dream come true.


Mix ’n Match

Raw, rustic and down to earth, this bathroom brings home a piece of nature by way of materials and colours. The incredibly versatile green colour adds a tropical touch to the space, bringing in a nature vibe. The Chevron tiles in matte bottle green seamlessly blend with the design language of the rest of the space. The white subway tiles for the walls of the bath space, and the minute green mosaic flooring both add a sense dimension to the space. The gorgeous backdrop of Monstera leaves adds a tropical touch to the space. Simple yet natural, this bathroom amalgamates the nature of the outdoors with the sleek design of the indoors beautifully.


Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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