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Wilderness is not only for the rough and rugged. The forest brings calmness, while nature heals…. If you have a home in the woods, use these tips to create some charm! 

A Rustic Wash

A mirror above a washbasin is a necessity. But what do you do if your loo has a rugged, uneven wall? Neatly strapped onto horizontal bamboos, reflective surfaces framed in wicker, make for an ideal surface for a quick beauty fix. To enhance the feel of the surroundings, use wood, plants and stone as resources. Mount over the counter basins on natural materials to create an inviting space for guests to wash and clean.    


Standing Alone

Old house structures had toilets outside the main house in a shed like construction. It had its charm…. Now with modernisation, it is possible to bring back this memory! If you are going to renovate, or create a new outside toilet, think rustic! To keep its originality, overlay a wooden plank with a hole, above a modern toilet seat, and also sneak in a mini basin with a bare bulb overhead for lighting! 

Time To Rock

When you’re surrounded by nature, all you want to do is lose yourself among the greens. Ensconced within natural stone and fenced by lush tropical plants and tall grass, when building an outdoor bathroom think privacy. Carve out a natural tub from within the rock. Add to it modern spa bathing amenities and faucets to make your heavenly oasis into a retreat for the senses.

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