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Transform your bath time from an ordinary experience to a lush spa like sensation, just by modernising your showerhead. With today’s technological advances, showering can be a rejuvenating experience, from enhancing your mood to making your bathing routine go from drab to exciting. Here are five recommendations from Kohler for easy alternates of a simple showerhead…

1. Play With Multiple Sprays


If you are looking for a rinse that is massaging, cleansing or soothing, getting a showerhead with multiple spray options is the perfect way to enhance your bath-time. These would provide an easy solution to creating a customized showering routine…just adjust the head with a quick rotation to select the pressure type, and you get a spa-like experience! Kohler’s spray options include wide coverage, intense drenching, and targeted spray, while some models have rain modes, and foam and massage combinations to relieve tense and sore muscles making for a truly relaxing shower


2. Install Shower Columns

Upgrade your showering experience from one to two showers with the simple installation of a shower column! Wall-mounted shower columns let you have the luxury of picking between a showerhead (that can turn into a rain head), hand shower or a bath spout as per your bathing needs. Without using any extra space, these columns are easy to maintain, and are resistant to both corrosion and tarnishing. Kohler’s HyrdoRail shower column can often be installed without having to alter any plumbing behind the wall.

3.Consider Eco-Friendly

Conserving water is not only a good deed, but also an essential need in today’s world. Showerheads that come with water-conservation methods not only benefit the environment, but they can also save you money on energy costs. Kohler’s line of WaterSense-labeled showerheads and handshowers use 35 percent less water than older models without sacrificing on performance. Adding this will help to save without compromising on your showering experience. 

4. Attach A Water Filter

Having clean and healthy water is an essential, especially when it comes to our personal hygiene. Water filters not only remove the chlorine but also colour, odour and taste – leaving you with cleaner, greener water to bathe with. Kohler’s Aquifer Shower Filter expertly strips away chemicals and common contaminants, leaving you with clean, healthy water.

5. Add Smart Showerheads



When the whole world has gone digital, use of technology in bathrooms can’t be far behind. With the KOHLER DTV+ showering system with KOHLER Konnect you can personalise your shower routine — from water temperature options, to steaming, to choosing where the water flow comes from...letting you adjust the water to your own preferences. But the best way to unwind is to play soothing relaxing tunes via the Kohler moxie showerhead that comes with inbuilt speakers; the easiest way to perk up your shower time!

Whether you are looking for sustainable usage or customise your bath, a showerhead is a simple way of taking your daily dip to the next level!

Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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