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Natural light emphasises patterned surfaces in an old world charm aesthetic. Designers Sabyasachi Routray and Anisha Menon of Bengaluru’s ma+rs design studio take us through a project that includes all this and more…


The first brief given to us by the client was that they wanted a unique, atypical space. They were looking for something that was a blend of contemporary and traditional. We thought of keeping a similar concept for all the bathrooms so that they tie in together with the rest of the home. The idea was to have primarily traditional pattern tiles matching with the furniture accent colours of the rooms they were attached to up to a certain height or just in the shower area, and keeping the rest of the bathroom in a similar shade of plain tiles. The ceiling is exposed concrete and has a large skylight, which adds ample amount of natural light to the space.



The idea for this project was a house nestled in a large garden of sorts, having a living-within-a-garden concept. The inspiration for every space in this house was definitely the context, which was a burst of green. So naturally even the bathrooms were given skylights and large windows, with a planter box attached to them too. Open the window and it almost feels like an outdoor shower amidst all the green!

Anisha & Sabyasachi’s tips for making the most of your spaces

    • The layout is the most important when it comes to space utilisation. Dry and wet spaces should be segregated and not too close to each other. Having a clear idea about the movement in the space helps too
    • Using materials and colours that accentuate the scale of the space while also complementing the fittings always helps in creating a balanced look
    • Natural skylights add to the space positively. Also, the shadows formed because of the skylight help to add a little bit of drama to the whole room
    • We absolutely love complementing fittings with the decor and lighting. Indirect lighting – like a strip of light above the mirror or around it just creating a glow – can really add to the overall vibe of the space



Sabyasachi Routray and Anisha Menon, Founders, ma+rs, Bengaluru

“We are focussed on relevant design which is not merely about form but more about why and how the project is formed. Process plays a very important part of our design. The unearthing of beauty in all the work that we do comes from a study of the dynamics of the use and the intricate relationships it forms with its context. Even if the narratives or projects get more complex, the focus will always be less about making large things radical and more about looking at the smaller things radically. Our strength lies in transforming high value concepts into technically sound end products.” 



Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 

Images courtesy: ma+rs 


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