Category : Bathroom Posted : 09/09/2022

Pick one surface and give it the special touch! It will immediately lift the space making it the focal point of the washrooms. Some inspiration from the verdant monsoon greens.

Try it Behind the Mirror

The mix of black and yellow strikes a nice balance between unique and neutral, sophisticated and edgy, soft and bold. All the gold accents add a contemporary yet timeless feel, especially the Parallel Tall faucet. The round and chic Mica basin brings in the element of playfulness and class while the Prologue vanity adds a rustic touch. The black and white flooring blends very well with the aesthetics of the space and the designer tiles behind the vanity wall exude nothing but unmatched class.

Try it on an Empty Wall

Make people green with envy with this tropical paradise of a bathroom! ​The lush, beautiful wallpaper is a defining visual element that centres the aesthetic. Drawing cues from the beautiful season of monsoon, this bathroom is all about making you feel like you are in nature. The different shades of green, the organic shape of the WC and the glass shower unit all combine to create a harmonious space. ​With high-functioning sanitary ware that will always provide comfort and luxury, this bathroom makes a statement in more ways than one. ​

Try it to Highlight the WC and Shower

Bring the outdoors inside your home with this dreamy and eye-pleasing tropical master bathroom! ​What makes this bathroom space so elegant and serene is the mix of real plants and foliage print wallpaper. The greens are complemented by the natural tones and surfaces of the rest of the walls and the hanging vanity counter.​ ​With Kohler Vitality Mirror, Beitou 3-Flow Shower and Modern Life Edge WC and Basin, you know all your comforts are taken care of!


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