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How does one add some colour while still keeping to muted, subtle tones? Architect Dilip Panchal of DP Design Studios, Ahmedabad shows us how it’s done, with tips from his oeuvre…


The style we’ve focused on for this Ahmedabad home is taken from the neoclassical interior look. For all the bathrooms the materials that were used are a combination of wood, veneer and matte finish PU. We also added in some mosaic tiles giving more character and colour to the spaces. Based on the client’s brief, for one space we decided to add some colour and created a white and beige combination, adding a pink feature wall with a light wash from the base. While the master bath has a Bullberry-Beige Marble, the daughter’s bathroom we used a Poccache Stone. The powder room is made up of an Armani Bronze Stone complemented with Italian marble.



Quick Tips From Dilip Panchal On Enhancing Your Spaces

Working with a single colour…
Select materials and fittings to reflect the client’s lifestyle and way of living rather than a particular theme or colour scheme. Make sure to design a room that is user friendly and uses the space to the maximum. Create enough ambient lighting to accentuate the colour, as that’s an important element for a bathroom. 



Adding mirrors and lights…
If the brief is for full-sized mirrors, design them with lights so they can also be used for applying makeup or other similar tasks. Provide ample light in the bathroom and play around with available options – regular, focus or ambient – both for a distinct look and to set a great mood. 


Over the counter basin vs a sunken basin…
We enjoy working with under counter and semi-recessed basin counters, keeping in mind that free counter space is an important necessity. For over-the-counter basins, use slightly taller vessels so you can play around with the height of the counter. 


Dilip Panchal, Principal Architect & Interior Designer, DP Design Studio, Ahmedabad

“We established our firm in Ahmedabad in 2008. Our team has considerable experience in the development of interior and exterior designs. Vivid imagination and modern design technologies allow you to create masterpiece solutions, which we strive to achieve. A distinctive feature of our work is close cooperation with the customer – we find out their desires, and hold comprehensive consultations to get a great result.”

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Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images courtesy: DP Design Studio. Photography by: Palak Jhaveri


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