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Varied colours and materials can inspire bathroom interiors. Kshitija Kanwar of Design Studio takes us through spaces that are a perfect mix of form, function and opulence…


Dreaming Of Decadence


Every project we work on has a unique brief that is derived from the client’s requirement and the overall vibe that we aim to create. For instance, the dark hued bathrooms are contemporary designs, made using natural stones, highlighter tiles and sleek sanitaryware – hence the Kohler selections in complementary finishes came in play. The gold hued space is outright decadent bling…so we made sure everything from the partitions to the lighting and accessories tied up to create an aura of real glitz and glamour. Minimal accessorizing and optimum lighting are essential to creating a decadent space without going overboard. Defining clean, sharp lines, with attention to providing storage and other elements of functionality ensure efficient workability and maintenance over time.


Freedom Of Functionality


The first bathroom is a beach house master bathroom that required more subtle, earthy and neutral tones to be showcased, so we worked delicate hues into the space. The other two spaces redefine simplicity with sleek, monotone modern elements to lift the space. The best way to achieve a balance between aesthetics and functionality is to bring a mix of both in every element of design. Thoughtful selection and installation of the right pieces can bring the room together without compromising on either aesthetics or functionality.


Keeping It Quirky


Experimenting with accessories and decorative pieces is one way to curate a quirky vibe. Remembering to balance the overall tones makes the space inviting. For instance, we’ve used rare, customised mirrors and a classic blast of bold colours and patterns that instantly catch the eye for these spaces. This makes sure that there’s not just one focal element, but the details of the entire bathroom complement and accentuate each other. 

Kshitija’s quick tips on designing for private homes v/s hospitality…

  • Keep in mind that the user group being catered to plays a key role in differentiating between designing for hospitality and residences. The former requires elements that appeals to varied users

  • Hospitality spaces will usually need neutral colour palettes, that include whites, beiges and sober tones with features that break the monotony

  • Residences are developed from a personal perspective, where an individual or the family’s likes and dislikes drives the designs

  • Apart from personal preferences, remember that the usability of the space with respect to storage provisions and ease of maintenance play an integral role in private homes

Kshitija Kanwar, Interior Designer, Design Studio, Visakhapatnam

“An eye for detail and a non-compromising attitude make sure that all our clients go back happy. As designers, we enjoy and embrace this process. Our works showcase signature designs that are understated yet sophisticated, straightforward, elegant, functional and fun. Balance, light, space and colour factor into every design, creating a timeless effect.”


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Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images Courtesy: Design Studio


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