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Bathrooms are spaces we use multiple times a day…where we go to refresh ourselves in both body and mind. It is important to know the best therapies to cleanse ourselves both outwards and inwards. And after our chat with architect Supraja Rao of Design House, Hyderabad, here’s what we found out.

“Air, water and sound should be your three best friends. When someone is crying or is anxious, we offer them a glass of water. Similarly, a shower after a long day is extremely therapeutic,” she shares, indicating that it calms us and relieves stress from the mind. While the culture of soaking ourselves in bathtubs for long hours is more of a western phenomenon, Rao believes that to discharge any strain and mental pressure, a pre-bathing ritual of cleansing with tumblers of hot water containing Epson or rough salts helps remove negative energies from our aura, and re-energises. A soak in the tub also works well, if you have time on hand. She shares that this should be followed up with a gentle cold-water shower, the best way being by adjusting the water pressure setting to a soft flow…”you can feel the body rejuvenating as the water hits the skin and scalp”. Steam too, is beneficial to the body in many ways as it helps in blood circulation and also opens up the skin’s pores. While one can use steaming hot towels at affected areas to rid oneself of aches and pains, a 5 minute routine with Kohler’s steam generator will help with the same.


So what’s the future of bathroom design, we wonder? “I think there will come a day when we can enter the bathroom and tell it how we feel through voice commands. It could then set the appropriate colour, water temperature and music and this could completely change your 20 minute bathing experience,” she concludes.

Supraja shares bathing tips:

  • Sit and bathe as it completely relaxes the body and mind

  • Over the weekend, try a bucket bath instead of a shower – pour water over yourself slowly if you don’t have a tub to soak into

  • Include salts and steam as part of your bathing routine. Salts remove negativity from your aura

  • Use different pressure settings (of your overhead/hand shower), on your joints and sole of your feet

  • Use dim/indirect lights while taking your evening shower

  • Let your bathroom have ample natural light - introduce windows instead of ventilators – sunlight and fresh air clean the bathroom better than any sanitation cleanser


Bathroom Description:

The concept bathroom shows the importance of good lighting combined with ample natural light. The window in the bathing area also allows for fresh air. The bench in the same space gives the opportunity to sit and bathe. A large sink makes it comfortable to splash water on your face and to experience the therapeutic and healing properties of it. Don’t forget to build in a storage nook, for all your essentials and toiletries, close to the sink.


Supraja Rao, Principal Designer and Creative Head, Design House, Hyderabad

“Space design is more than just an element of style. It is a reflection of the emotions, attitudes and behaviours of people embracing it”. Supraja believes that a space has to be true to those who live in it, and not the designer. 


Text: Compiled by The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images: Courtesy Design House 

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