Category : Bathroom Posted : 20/10/2022

Spice up your bathroom with a bold floor or a tinge of colour to contrast the black and white interiors. Designer Rajiv Khushalani tells us how.

Becoming Well ‘Red’


These renders are a part of a bungalow project underway in southern India. The clients are a well-travelled business family with a unique sense of style. We have tried to incorporate their inimitable personalities and personal tastes in their private chambers. Bathrooms are very personal spaces – like mini oases if you will in the scheme of things. In case of this project, we have strived to push the envelope a bit – draw on the line of ‘maximalism’ while still remaining true to our style of serenity. Spaces should impress you with their aesthetics but should not be overpowering. We are maintaining a balance here between maximalism and functionality.  


Rajiv’s Do’s and Don’ts of Working With Colours In The Bathroom

⦁ It is important to have a clear vision of the end result. The old adage – there is method in madness is apt here

⦁ Spaces trigger feelings – what the designer wants the end user to feel when using the space is another important deciding factor whilst using colours 

⦁ If the client’s idea is to excite or generate a feeling of awe then the colour has to be used in a way that it takes over. If the idea is accentuating a certain element or accessorising, then the colour needs to be curtailed in use to one element

⦁ Contrasting colours can easily become overwhelming unless the usage is reined in, so one must try to keep it understated and know when and how to play around with hues.

Rajiv Khushalani, Founder and Urban Designer, Khushalani Associates, Mumbai
“In the first year of its inception, Khushalani Associates became the only Indian firm to have featured in the prestigious EVOLO Skyscrapers Competition for its project ‘Poro-City’. My firm’s portfolio includes a range of projects in diverse disciplines – master planning, mass housing, villas & bungalows, interiors for high-end residential & corporate spaces and hospitality – spread across India, The Middle East and Africa.” 
Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 
Images courtesy: Khushalani Associates 


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