Category : Bathroom Posted : 28/06/2021

Whether it’s fashion or interiors, the colour black is an eternal classic that adds just that perfect amount of oomph. We share tips and tricks on how to incorporate the shade into your washrooms… 

Why Black?
The colour black is both flirtatious and chic. Like the little black dress or a sharply tailored tuxedo, black interiors are bold and arresting…and it’s no different for a bathroom. Even if the space is small and windowless, a dark colour like black gives it depth, creating an impression of a bigger space.


What Goes With Black?

Typically used for powder rooms, from sanitaryware to faucets, wall and floor surfaces to accents and accessories…the colour not only pairs well with diverse materials and hues, but is also easy to update by simply adding a different accent colour. Keep it full black, incorporate starkness with a black-and-white scheme (and a hint of gold) or complement it with monotones like white, beige and grey.

Here are three areas where you can amp up the black quotient of your bathroom…


1. Sanitaryware and Faucets: Faucets or WCs in matte black elevate the overall look of a washroom, providing comfort in their starkness. The Kohler range uses materials that make the products exceptionally durable and corrosion-resistant as well. Complementing these with black vessels, bathtubs and showerheads would enhance your space with a bold look.


2. Surfaces: As it’s durable and water resistant (if properly maintained and treated correctly), black stone adds plenty of character to your bathroom, so it’s a great pick for the floor and walls. For the dry areas, wallpapers in this dense hue are a great idea, as they are easy to maintain or replace in the long run.


3. Accents and Accessories: If your bathroom is black-and-white, adding in small touches like pastel coloured towels or a coloured vanity can give it a feminine flair. Stainless steel, gold and brass fixtures look great paired with black too. The neutral backdrop offers so much versatility for accessorising, so adding decor elements or an accent wall in bright colour can offer a perfect contrast.


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company



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