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Dark doesn’t always have to mean dull and dreary…. Two designers share pages from their own client diaries giving us decor tips on how to elegantly work black into your bathrooms! 

Idea 1: Play With Contrasts

From Pooja Bihani, Principal Architect, Spaces & Design, Kolkata.

For this bathroom, we used Saint Laurent marble, while all the fittings were brushed bronze to give them a copper fresh look. We also used an acid washed marble with a leather finish. The black painted, backlit mirror on the far right is made using shutters and includes a cabinet for storage within. All the hardware in this bathroom is brushed bronze as the colour goes well with the overall look of the space.

TIP: Lighting is an extremely important factor in any black bathroom as the brightness sets the tone and theme of the whole space. Accentuating the black using copper or bronze breaks the starkness of the room, giving it a sleek and refined look. 

Idea 2: Go Bold And Luxurious
From Akash Mehta and Poonam Mehta, Principal Designers, AMPM Designs, Pune.

All sanitary fittings used for this powder room are from a single brand and of a single colour. The basin vanity, the mirror, and the lights go splendidly with the wall and floor tiles. The look of the space is quite dramatic in terms of its geometry, with a classic black and gold pairing. An element of luxury is added by the opulence of the fittings.

TIP: Black works the best for a powder bathroom, especially when a feeling of cosiness is required. Using the hue makes a room seem more infinite as it cuts off the boundaries of a space. The hardware can be of any metallic colour like a gold or rose gold to provide a nice bright pop against the black.


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images courtesy: Spaces & Design; AMPM Designs


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