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Classic Rare and Regal

Inspired by a rich history of elegance and style, embraced with the passion of an artist, the firm brings together diverse influences and cultures to create timeless bespoke bathrooms that celebrate a zest for luxury and functionality in design.


Period Features

Be it Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian features such as chandeliers, high ceilings mixed with ornate decorations all add a feeling of grandeur in a room and make for an appealing backdrop.


Curating Luxury

A vast space is not the only prerequisite to design an impressive classic bathroom. A correct balance of human anthropometry and thoughtfully chosen fittings is the key to make the most of a compact space. A suitable choice of lighting fixtures can act as an outstanding feature in a bathroom than just a standard option. Here, the shower area and wash basin counter are spaced apart in such a way that there is still adequate room for moving around comfortably. Elements like the chandelier bring out elegance and opulence in this private space.

Floor Show

As mosaic tiles are smaller than the usual bathroom tiles, they tend to create an array of different patterns, bringing in texture into a simple interior space. Colourful glass tiles work beautifully as an accent since their glossy surface reflects light making the room feel bigger and brighter. Glass as a material is less porous than natural stone which is why these tiles do not demand a frequent need to be wiped down, hence, making the bathroom low-maintenance.


Shades & Hues

Use of muted shades always results in a classy vintage colour palette and is a great way to decorate a bathroom. An ornate accent wall complimented with wooden panelling is an ideal attempt to break up the blocks of colour and give a bathroom a superior feel. Mirrored walls instantly make an effort to open up a space by allowing light to reflect across all surfaces.

An Oasis of Calm

Inspired by nature’s organic shapes, the fixtures used in this space enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom. Bringing together certain traditional elements in an unconventional way created a strong character but also offers the functionality of a modern bathroom.

Onyx around wash basin

In this bathroom, the characteristics of onyx on the wall beautifully compliment the dark wood used in the vanity. The contradiction emphasises on the natural beauty of the stone, hence creating a stunning backdrop in a monochromatic palette.

Rakesh Sehgal, Principal Architect, Design Forum, Noida


Sanjay Bhuttan, Interior Designer, Design Forum, Noida


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