Category : Bathroom Posted : 26/07/2022

Bringing an old world feel to your bathroom isn’t as hard as it looks. Sara Sham of Mumbai’s Essajees Atelier takes us through a Goan home she designed and lets us in on her design secrets…



The brief for this project was to give the whole space an absolute holiday home feeling. We wanted the house to reflect the true Goan state of mind, so we used lots of colours and varied textures to create a fun and vibrant space! We mixed patterns and hues…. Achieving the right creative proportion is the real secret to any design space. Here, we kept half the wall blank and the pattern / texture was used on the other half wall. That's how we were able to strike the right balance.

What goes into my selection process for patterned floors? I look for something that is really attractive and then offset that with something that's a little bit muted, to lend a sense of synergy to the whole space without it looking over the top. For lighting selections…a mix of ceiling as well as wall-mounted lights always work well together. Wall-mounted focus light on your face, and work best for bathrooms as you use the space to get ready. 



Sara’s tips to achieve a contemporary bathroom with old world charm:

⦁ Select a decorative mirror – this can really enhance the room and can be the statement piece that the whole bathroom is centred around

⦁ Try to find a basin that has a unique style and design. Sometimes even colours work better than the staple monochrome basins, so don’t be shy to experiment! 

⦁ Incorporate some hanging lights to add to the old-world appeal of the room. These can work great in the vanity area of your space

⦁ Definitely play around with colours, patterns and textures, as the right balance of hues and designs can create a truly charming bathroom

⦁ A creative nook or a well-done open storage corner can really make the space look truly inviting and intriguing

⦁ Add in lots of beautiful hooks and bathroom accessories – that will enhance to the old world charm


Sarah Sham, Principal Designer, Essajees Atelier, Mumbai.


“I founded Essajees Atelier in 2014 as an extension of my family's 106-year-old art dealership in the city’s heritage district of Colaba. Today, Essajees Atelier is 50 projects old with almost 20 team members…. In 2020, I also single-handedly mobilised the Essajees Atelier social-media handle to offer a digital networking resource for interior designers from across the country.”

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 
Images courtesy: Essajees Atelier

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