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How does one intelligently design a bathroom whether used for commercial spaces or show houses? Aahana Miller of ABM Mumbai gives us some quick tips…

Classic Contemporary: Always in Style


A bit about the projects…residential vs commercial

For the Rustomjee Elements Show apartment, the brief was to design a 3,000 sq ft apartment for potential buyers. We were asked to create a classically styled apartment with a mix of modern contemporary design features

The show apartment was meant to look elegant, luxurious and timeless. It pairs a modern and chic style with classic features. The home’s archetypal layout favours individual living spaces over a more contemporary open floor plan concept, yet allows spaces to flow into each other. On entering the master bedroom, one will find the space divided by a carefully detailed glass partition that overlooks the bathroom and walk-in-closet. As it was designed to attract buyers, the colour palette was kept neutral with colours such as lustre black, red, gold, blue and silver that are used selectively to highlight elements in the home.

For the Lexus Experience Centre, where we were asked to re-vamp the existing 5,300 sq ft Lexus showroom and facade. As it’s located on a main road with a prominent frontage, the new showroom is designed to attract buyers. An important part of its new identity was bold dynamism, which is reflected in the design of the showroom interior – highlighting the boldness of the new Lexus, making a statement and standing out from its surroundings. As superior customer service is at the core of the Lexus philosophy, the intention was to let the customer experience a warm and hospitable environment to encourage them to feel like a part of the Lexus family. The showroom itself being neutral and clutter free, the colour palette of the bathroom was also just black and white with a touch of gold.



Airport lounges...what to keep in mind for the discerning traveller 

As this lounge is meant more for private use rather than for public, we designed the bathrooms to be larger and more bespoke than we would normal bathrooms. The primary material palette includes grey and beige marble so as to go with the rest of the space. The marble is used in an inlayed woven pattern on the walls and floors. We also paid careful attention to the detailing so that the bathrooms would be more deluxe, which was achieved by using premium finishes, metal accents and state of the art sanitary fittings. For other airport lounges, we design them to be more durable, using a combination of robust finishes with heavy duty sanitaryware.



Aahana Miller and Alfaz Miller, Principal Architects, ABM, Mumbai

“We established ABM Architects in the 1970s. Our proficient design skills, grounded ethics, and sharp business acumen, continue to define the self-sufficient firm – which possesses all capabilities required for transforming ideas on paper, into brick-and-mortar realities. We strive to incorporate a unique amalgam of Indian roots as well as contemporary education into our design styles, aiming to synergise an eastern cultural ethos with modern living.”


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 
Images Courtesy: ABM 

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