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With the onset of the monsoon and the beaches and sea being out of bounds, recreate a coastal ambience capturing a seaside-inspired theme. Some simples tips to follow while styling your bathroom …

Sky Bright  


The primary reason to go to the beach is to frolic in the warmth of the sea while the hot sun beats down on you…. Windows, glass doors and skylights let sunlight brighten the room, so allow light to illuminate your space by using simple translucent window treatments. If natural light is limited, consider mounting a mirror opposite a window or create a faux skylight adding a sky print veneer or wallpaper on it – a few design tricks that will make a space feel larger and brighter.

The 5 C’s


What does the sea make you feel? Clean, comfortable, crisp, casual and cosy…. The idea here is simplicity – mixing modern, vintage or rustic fittings with robust textures and a neutral palette allows flexibility. Textured whitewashed surfaces are a great way to bring in a coastal look too. Add in warm tones and a pop of green, be it a plant, an artwork or a vanity. Use pieces that inspire you and be creative with how you display them. Create vanity decor with glass, sand and seashells. 

Play With Colours


If you choose to accent your space with colour, splash it rather than saturate. Incorporating blue tones is a popular way to capture the serenity of water and sky. Accenting your bathroom wall with some sea-toned serene wallpaper is a great idea. The pattern, texture and splash of colour will transform a neutral canvas into a realm of tranquillity.


Have fun with the accents you select and be mindful of where you choose to display your treasures. Relax and soak in the beauty of your coastal paradise!

Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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