Category : Bathroom Posted : 25/10/2022

How does one add hues and tones to a bathroom while keeping it classy? Akshita Mehra of Studio Goya shows us the tricks of the trade.

Codes Of Colour 


We've been lucky to get clients who let us really push our creative boundaries and experiment with design. We generally let the visual story of the home determine the look for the bathrooms. If the bedroom scheme is along the lines of Tropical Modernism, we borrow elements from that aesthetic and let it continue through the bathroom. Materiality could include green, black or white tiles, cane, wood and a tropical wallpaper.


For the blue powder room, we tried to give a French feel. We wanted it to look luxe, rich and chic. We introduced gold elements to add the touch of glamour, as in most homes powder rooms are ignored but this one really stands out.


Tips for Working with Colours, Embellishments and Textures 

⦁ Colour adds a lot of depth to a space and plain white can tend to look a bit dreary – so a little bit of colour is always fun! 

⦁ Use the mantra ‘Go bold or go home!’ Try to experiment with Emerald Greens, Prussian Blues, Aubergine, Terracotta and Deep Ochres. These rich shades give the space a punch from the otherwise neutral palettes. Incase you'd like to tone down your bathroom, then create an accent wall using these colours and team them with either whites, beiges or greys

⦁ Don’t go overboard with gold to embellish your bath spaces. Introduce it in the smaller elements to add that luxe factor, in bathroom fittings, light fittings, mirrors or as an accessory. That's when it really stands out and doesn't look overbearing in the space. Try to minimize the use and offset it with other colours versus staying with one palette

⦁ Remember to make the windows of your space as large as possible. The space really comes alive with natural light and the bathroom is able to breathe. True colours and textures of the materials whether marble, tile or stone come through with natural light. It also helps reduce the usage of artificial lighting which is an unnecessary wastage of resources

⦁ Let the mood of the bathroom determine the colour. In one of our projects, you will see a bathroom mostly engulfed in black. We have used a Black Marquino marble, offset it with minute chequered tiles and gold accents. The reason we went with an all black scheme was because the whole mood of the project was monochrome

Akshita Mehra, Creative Director, Studio Goya, Bengaluru
“Design is about discovery and we at Studio Goya are a curious bunch who believe that spaces are like stories that encourage conversations. Our work reflects quiet, understated, handcrafted luxury with a hint of nostalgia for the discerning user. We do not follow trends and aim to make each design unparalleled. We attempt to create thoughtful spaces and feel that our designs should be a medium of visual expression.”

Images courtesy: Studio Goya 
Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 


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