Category : Bathroom Posted : 06/09/2022

Ditch the traditional whites and monotones and introduce a pop of varied hues in your bathroom to elevate the feel instantly. Designer Eshita Marwah of e-aesthete lets us in on her secrets to successful colourblocking.


These are photos of The Colourblocked Bath, The Burgundy Bath and The Sapphire Bath respectively. The entire project was designed around jewel tones, hence the burgundy and the sapphire hues, and The Colourblocked Bath was part of the kids’ room so was made to look a little more fun. All these spaces have been designed around colour themes. They all look contemporary but not boring – some elements have been repeated in all of them, but with some variation so they look like a part of a whole but not the same. I have played around with contrasting colours and striking combinations to add a level of interest, and I always keep some space to add an artwork in some form in all my bathrooms. I designed each part separately while keeping in mind the overall idea of the space. Usually, I first visualise the space in my head and then work backwards, designing and making selections to go with it. It's first a vibe, then a design, then a space – all designed around the vibe. 



Eshita’s Dos and Don’ts of Colourblocking in the Bathroom

⦁ Take a little risk, get out of your comfort zone, try to go bold with the colours you use

⦁ Experiment wisely and practically with materials and new colour combinations, don’t be scared to explore the unusual 

⦁ Keep it cohesive, remember to bring a sense of order by repeating colours in different materials 

⦁ Don't have too many feature elements as this takes away from the overall impact of the space

⦁ Don't forget to be conscious of the size of the bathroom while deciding the overall look and feel of the space 

⦁ Too many colours and multiple kinds of textures generally don't work well – focus on one or two at most and play around with those for the entire space 

Eshita Marwah, Founder, /e, Surat

“Hailing from an engineering background, I infuse my natural affinity towards art with intelligent design, while taking inspiration from my travels and the world I create around myself.”

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 
Images courtesy: /e.

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