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The most important thing to get right in your bathroom is the colour that you’re going to see first thing in the morning every day. Interior designer Sapana Jain explains how to decide between going monochrome or colourful, with help from the pages of her own client diaries…


This guest bathroom was designed to lend a modern, contemporary ambience to the space. Primarily created in shades of black, it lends an elegant aesthetic, with a dash of red adding a hint of drama. We used a play of shapes and contrasts to enhance the look of the room.



For this space, we made use of a lot of print and play of tile size using similar colour elements – a pastel green in this case – which created a playful experience in the bathroom. Soothing to see when you just wake….


Sapana’s Decor Tips To Take Your Space From Plain To Wow

Using Blacks:
A rich touch of black elevates every design, and more so of a bathroom. The dark hue adds a ton of luxury and refinement to any bathroom interior. It’s very easy to balance out black with neutral colours, whites and even metals, since the shade goes well with just about everything.

Playing With Lights: It’s important to set the right mood for the day ahead, and create bathroom lighting that is both task oriented and alluring at the same time. A combination of both warm and bright lighting options is important to include in the bathroom area irrespective of the colours used in your space.

Enhancing The Colours: Simple tricks can elevate your bathroom and make it a livelier space to visit. We like to play with tile sizes to add variation and give momentum to the space. Experimenting with lights to create an experience within the design by backlighting counters and mirrors is another great trick to create inlay patterns within the same colour or design combination of your bathroom.

Picking The Right Shade: Any colour combination has a lot of scope, provided one knows how to balance the selections and optimise the use of these combinations. Learn to play with textures and the overall feel of a monochromatic bathroom so it doesn’t fall flat for the space. With colour, it’s advisable to play around with materials and textures in subtle ways, as the colours need to individually speak for themselves without getting too chaotic.


Sapana Jain, Founder & Interior Designer, I Heart Homez, Mumbai

“Everything we do at our space is designed to empower and inspire you to make your home bright, phenomenal and trendsetting. The spaces I design include elements that take inspiration from all over the globe. I believe in the mantra ‘do what you love and love what you do’. It not only helps you work more efficiently but also makes your life better. This sole thought has motivated me to drive I Heart Homez.”



Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images courtesy: I Heart Homez


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