Category : Bathroom Posted : 10/08/2021

To make a space come alive, it is not important to stick to a neutral colour or single pattern. Sharing her design diaries, Kumpal Vaid, Principal Designer Purple Backyard, gives us tips on how to give your space a refreshing look, by adding that wee bit of patterned oomph!

1/ Piccolo tiles with a simple white, full body 3D tile and a gold framed mirror, make the space look opulent, yet soft.

2/ The cement tiles combined with a butter lemon-yellow floral wallpaper with a small and simple vanity make for a fuss-free guest bathroom that shouts chic.

3/ Leaf print tiles paired with white stone and metal accessories gives a soothing, vibrant and fun vibe. 

4/ An extended dressing area to the master suite bathroom, narrates a joyous feeling via the full-bodied vitrified tiles, floral pouf and wood textures. 


Kumpal's Quick Tips For Working With Prints


  • Remember that “less is more”, but if the design requires it, then don’t hesitate to have some fun. Patterns don’t always have to be just accent walls – they can be on all walls too.

  • Stay away from making single feature walls with wallpapers or patterns.

  • There’s no wrong in design, as long as it’s used in the right quantity with the right design vision.

  • Try to stay away from busy or dark colours for tiny spaces or corridors, and opt for bright colours instead.

  • If the walls are too busy with designs or patterns, go neutral with your decor pieces, but repeat the colours from that pattern to tie the space together as a whole.

Kumpal Vaid, Founder and Principal Designer, Purple Backyard, Mumbai

“An ideology I live by is one of constant learning and unlearning. As the founder of Purple Backyard, my vision is to evolve through design while exploring sustainable solutions to execute them. My fascination with minimal layering coupled with a play of refreshing materials has resulted in the creation of a unique identity of art, that is visible in all my projects.”



Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images Courtesy: Purple Backyard


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