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Through glimpses of the spaces she’s worked on, designer Saniya Kantawala tells us how to merge materials and textures to create aesthetically pleasing bathrooms that appeal to all senses…

Using a mix of Calcutta Manhattan exotic natural stone and herringbone tiles for the walls and floor, a spacious monochromatic expression was crafted. The gunmetal accents, long oval mirror and the stark black WC accentuate the base material beautifully.


This Moroccan-themed powder room is part of a lounge in a beautiful 18,000 sq ft home. Handmade tiles on the wall, created by local artisans, complement Kohler’s signature Moroccan sink and basin mixer. The mirror outlined in blue tinted wood and gold is a handmade, rendering the use of materials for this space opulent, yet timeless.


Sanaya’s tips on harmonising materials and moods

  • There is no right or wrong when it comes to design aesthetics. Sometimes, a contrast can look as good as a single-toned space. If working with strong character materials like a Calcutta Manhattan tile (which has such strong variations within it) mix it with a neutral palette to balance out the tones. Or just applying the stone throughout the bathroom can look as good if not better.

  • Blend dark colours with a neutral palette to create a balance. Or make a single dark material the star of the space. Using one material throughout makes any given space look larger and grander, if done correctly.

  • Replacing simple basins with artistic ones can completely transform your bathroom. Fittings can really accentuate the overall look of a powder room, so select these with thought!

  • Let your powder room be cosy. Create a mood with ambient lighting by adding a dimmer to the switch. It’s a small-cost-massive-impact solution!

  • Adding scents to a washroom, from aromatic candles to a scented handwash on countertops, elevates the feel of your space. Invest in a good napkin tray or holder too.


Saniya Kantawala, Founder & Lead Designer, Saniya Kantawala Design (SKD), Mumbai and Dubai

“My firm was established in 2014. With a portfolio that is spread across different domains such as hospitality, residential, retail and commercial, we have made a niche for ourselves, winning numerous national and international accolades for our limitless design explorations. Through my work, I feel the need to incorporate art forms inspired from India’s diverse cultural heritage in designs while aiming to enhance user well-being. By creating thoughtful designs that foster a positive and nurturing environment, I believe we can effectively enhance the quality of life.”


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images courtesy: Saniya Kantawala Design (SKD)


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