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Narrow washrooms tend to be tricky to design. We share three ideas to achieve the best of the space, so tiny can take on a generous meaning.

Mixed Materials on Opposite Walls

To turn your compact bathroom into a stylish and luxurious space, take note of this smartly curated idea! ​The terrazzo effect on the walls and floor interspersed with the warm colour of terracotta gives depth and creates an illusion of a larger space. With the vanity counter tucked in against one of the walls, it makes the best use of the layout. ​​Kohler's Modern Life Edge toilet and basin bring in elegance and premium comfort. The shower area with Anthem Valve and Modern life Hex showerhead, makes this bathroom future-ready and high on sophistication. ​Comfortable yet chic, this trendy design is perfect for a master bathroom.​

A Focal Feature Wall

This gorgeous compact bathroom is big on style, comfort and luxury!​ The geometric pattern of the floor tiles and wallpaper is a beautiful contrast for the whimsical motif of the green wallpapered walls next to it. The mix of different prints and colours breathes character into this space. ​ With a hanging vanity counter featuring Kohler SPAN basin and Replay toilet with Pureclean, this bathroom does not compromise on comfort or function.​ The bold yet elegant appeal of this design aesthetic elevates a seemingly small bathroom space into one that stands out. ​

Single Material Usage

For an elegant and chic powder room, make note of this beautifully designed space.​ The Satuvario flooring and walls give the room depth and character. With the hanging vanity counter and modern light fixtures, this powder room exudes sophistication.​ To complete the look, we have Kohler's SPAN basin and Hone faucet that bring in luxurious comfort. Classy and contemporary, this powder room will impress all your guests.​


Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company
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