Category : Bathroom Posted : 12/11/2021

From dark spaces to large washrooms with walk-in wardrobes…Ahmedabad-based Hiren Patel of his eponymous architecture firm, shows us ways you can use space and light to look your best…

We try to make bathrooms timeless and do not fall into a certain style unless the entire architecture of the space has a running theme. We love working on bathrooms where we can look for good natural light through courtyards or skylights. For any space, the play of natural as well as artificial lights is important.



Working with dark spaces
Black is both dark and beautiful, and it will always seem darker when you enter a black bathroom from a well-lit space. However, this instils a sense of calm immediately. Bright lights don’t work too well in black bathrooms, so add ceiling lights and keep the illumination subtle. A warm yellow light will make the space seem soothing, while drama with spot / task lighting mixed with dark areas will add to its beauty. Adding soft music completes the sense of serenity in such a space.



Working with large spaces
One way to efficiently play around larger spaces is to break up a single vanity into two – this is also a great idea for smaller bathrooms as it gives the impression of space. Two mirrors, basins and storage spaces allow each person to design their vanity area the way they wish as well! Uniform lights, mirrors and fittings give these spaces a sense of cohesiveness, completing the look of the bathroom. Here, we have use a two-basin concept with a sense of luxury for large bathroom. Rather than the hygiene aspect, I think a ‘two basin’ space sets a more intimate and romantic mood.



Working in the wardrobes
Large bathrooms warrant walk in closets and these areas need to be well thought and well planned. We generally design closed organising spaces instead of open wardrobes and use glass panels to break the monotony of the room – but avoid completely clear glass to maintain that element of privacy. The wardrobes are built in conjunction with the dressing area, where we sometimes add a carpeted floor that’s easy to maintain in daily use. It’s wise to create more height so as to get natural light emanating from the top of the space, if possible in the plan.


Hiren Patel, Principal Architect, Hiren Patel Architects, Ahmedabad
“I am an architect, interior and landscape designer who tries to work on designs that are in harmony with man, nature and materials. My philosophies include minimalism, exclusivity and sustainability, the basic aesthetics of architecture. Our portfolio branches from small residences to heritage buildings and palaces. We deliver our best when the concept and design language come into play.”

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 
Images courtesy: Hiren Patel Architects


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