Category : Bathroom Posted : 03/03/2021

Getting the ambiance right in the bathroom is a challenging brief, and making it seem simple but stylish even trickier. Architect Sanjay Sareen of New Delhi’s Eternity Architects gives us the lowdown on how he achieved this through one of his projects.

This modern washroom is designed to be simple, clean and minimalistic to give out a calming vibe. As simplicity is the epitome of beauty in any design, it is important that form and materials must speak for themselves and showcase a lush but fresh vibe. The clean lines and minimal colours easily make this bathroom a luxurious, modern sanctuary for early morning freshness, or even some much needed R&R after a long day. And to achieve this, you don’t need elaborate furnishings or a plethora of gadgets and materials…. A limited but interesting colour palette and a small mix of materials were used to create this minimalistic but equally luxurious bathroom.

kohler bathroom

The wooden panels frame the Kohler Modern Life Edge WC and basin, making them the piece de resistance of the space. Adding elements like ivory-hued onyx to separate the mirrors and complement the pristine white Kohler basins, gives the space a renewed feel. The metal screen, another distinctive component, adds one more design element to lift the look of the bathroom.

As simplicity is an important rule of modern design, one has to keep in mind never to go overboard with adding components and to remember that a bathroom is essentially a space for tranquillity. And also ensure that the space looks open and inviting and is free of clutter. Just bring in a few additions like a plant or a painting on any blank wall, and you have yourself the perfect sleek and elegant washroom! 


3 Tips To Keep It Simple And Smart

  • Use clean and rectilinear shapes alongside bold material juxtapositions

  • Off-white ceramics along with matte black finished or chrome-brushed faucets always prove to be great combinations

  • For their sense of richness and the practicality for their resistance to moisture, polyurethane finish vanities are ideal additions

Sanjay Sareen, Eternity Architects, New Delhi

“Our company combines architecture, interior design, furniture, lighting, product research and sustainability, to create the perfect architectural marvel. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our firm has a very holistic approach towards design, and we aim to acknowledge, appreciate, and accentuate the uniqueness of every project we work on. The main ideology of our firm is to create everlasting spaces that are innovative in design, lasting in concept, sustainable, and highly compatible with new technology.”


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images: Courtesy Eternity Architects 


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