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Classic and bold – the key words used by Mumbai based designer Sonal Makhija Kava to design the washrooms for her dream project – a boutique office….

English Inspirations


Working with tailor made designs for each of our projects, we keep functionally and aesthetics top of mind. Here, for this dreamy office project, classic English furniture, extensive use of veneer, wooden cornices and mouldings, silk wall coverings and drapery, were the key materials we considered. Working on a blank canvas is a designer's haven! Beautifully bringing in art deco elements, ornate details, wainscoting technique and patterns, and mid-century modern furnishings, we designed a timeless vision into reality.
The rich hues we have considered arrived from the boldness, yet pleasing-to-the-eye inspirations of classic designs! The cosiness we get with dark veneer panels, and off-white silk walls is subtle, yet tastefully bold. The soft mood lighting adds an extra ounce of charm in this composition.


What’s trending office bathrooms today?
Any bathroom has to first be functional. And an office one definitely has to be eye-catching! It should be interesting, unique, fun, and quirky and certainly uplift the mood! High-end office washrooms should be classic, with artistic faucets, designer basins, and bold finishes.
Gold and gilded – how much is too much…
Gold is bold! We love everything gold in a bathroom…it just adds a lot of grace, and elegance. It needs just simple care to keep the lustre, and freshness intact, bright and shining – so clean daily and wipe gently. Avoid using harsh cleaning materials as they impact the finish and shine of just about anything!
Keeping them well aerated…share a tip
A well-ventilated bath, smelling fresh and nice is very essential. We always provide an exhaust fan, window, or a fresh air duct to avoid bad odour. Opening up the windows, and doors after use can help a great deal. Lighting a candle or keeping a nice strong reed diffuser is our go-to for subtle freshness.


Sonal Makhija Kava, Design Director, ARK Interiors & Consultants, Mumbai
“Playing a vital role in the success, and growth of the company since the inception of ARK, we are focused to deliver something fresh, and brilliant to the clients. With dedication and hard-work, we have championed the expansion of the Design Studio from Private Residential to Signature Offices. Our vision to understand every facet of the design process makes the client’s journey easy, happy and satisfying.”

Instagram: @ark.designstudio
Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 
Images courtesy: ARK Interiors & Consultants

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