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Large bathrooms are a blessing in metros where spacious homes are hard to come by…so make the most of it when you have the chance! Architect Monica Khosla Bhargava takes us through her client diaries, giving us design tips along the way… 




Multi-generational living is so much a part of Indian culture. For this villa project, our clients were toying with the idea of a massage room for the senior generation, and a Jacuzzi or bathtub each for the children’s washrooms. They already had a requirement for a laundry space, which would accommodate a washing machine, dryer and an ironing table. We suggested combining all of these into a single space – a home spa! Keeping in mind the acute shortage of water in the world, we feel that individual bathrooms can use water-saving devices and a common home spa can provide the luxury of an occasional Jacuzzi.


The idea really appealed to them – they immediately felt it could also be used as a glam room, as the men of the family were used to calling a barber home for shaving, hair and beard trimming. The women were delighted with the open space where they could sit to apply mehendi on their hands, indulge in an occasional manicure or pedicure and, of course, use it to dress up.


So, the 300 square foot space accommodates a cubicle each for the WC and shower, a Jacuzzi, a cabinet integrating the washing machine, dryer, ironing table and storage, and, a large basin counter. The glam mirror lights are perfect for doing hair or makeup, while the ambient roof lights build up the atmosphere for a relaxing massage session. The rustic-looking floor tiles and walls are not just used for the aesthetics – they are specially purposed to resist stains and make for easy cleaning!


Monica’s quick do’s and don’ts of bathroom storage…



  • Give enough attention to planning the design of your storage space – it’s the first step to organisation and hugely adds to the overall aesthetic

  • Divide your storage into what you like to keep open and what you wish to keep hidden

  • Design the open shelves for display and the closed cabinetry as a design element that complements the rest of the bathroom design in terms of colour and pattern


  • Remember not to use materials or finishes which can be easily destroyed by moisture. After all, a washroom is a wet area

  • Avoid letting any storage surface touch the floor, unless it’s moisture resistant

  • Never overdo the cabinetry. It destroys the look of the bathroom space, both functionally and aesthetically! 

Monica Khosla Bhargava

Monica Khosla Bhargava, Founder and Principal Architect, Kham Consultants, Kolkata

“Kham Consultants derives its name from the Sanskrit word Kham which implies the root sound of space, both mental and physical. The name of the firm expresses my design ideology, and shows that I am committed to creating a better experiential and more sustainable habitat for all.”



Images courtesy: Kham Consultants

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company


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