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Options often confuse…. Selecting bathroom accessories and sanitary ware could be an overwhelming exercise, whilst trying to figure what works best in your available space. Architect and interior designer Ritu Nanda shares her thoughts, with some experienced guidance.

Pedestal v/s counter top sinks: What is that one thing that you always carry with you to the washroom? Your cell phone, right? And do you find yourself looking around for a spot to keep it? Your answer to this…work with counter top sinks as they ease our lifestyle needs of today. If you have a space crunch, fit the basin on one side instead of the centre, so that there’s still enough counter space to use. If the area is narrow and there isn’t enough area to play, get a washbasin that sticks out of the counter, and use the space on either side by creating a narrow ledge. And if you must use a pedestal then provide a shelf above the faucets. 

Wall-mounted v/s floor-mounted WCs: For those who are sticklers for sparkling clean rooms, wall-mounted WCs are the preferred option since they stay off the ground. For those who opt for floor-mounted ones, remember that they must be cleaned frequently, especially since grime usually tends to settle around the grouting on the floor. And keep an eye out when the plumbing is getting done – the alignment of pipes is as important to have a smooth-running bathroom.  

Ceiling v/s wall lighting: Everyone prefers being completely at peace in the most tranquil and private room in the house, and bright white lights shining in your face would make that feeling of serenity disappear in an instant. Hence, warm, yellow lights are always a preference. Play around with lighting on and around the mirror – if you have space on the sides, it’s nice to balance it with a light on either side, allowing for even lighting on your face. Don’t reduce the mirror size to fit in more lights…try adding in recessed lighting behind the mirror to give it a floating effect. And if it were a powder room, a quirky lamp or an antique chandelier would be a nice addition.



Colour v/s monotone: Simplicity truly works best…. Monotones calm you and invite a clean and hygienic feel. So look out for sanitary ware that doesn’t involve a lot of maintenance and can look fresh even after multiple usages. If you like glass basins, ensure you have them wiped down after a few uses to remove the water stains that may form with the droplets. Maybe you can experiment a bit for the powder room with a coloured washbasin or one in stone. And play around with colour with other pieces of furniture instead, like a storage unit, a vanity or a comfy chair to dress up! 

Prints v/s plain: Plain surfaces work best to maintain a clean feel. Avoid prints, except if using in a powder room as a feature wall. Keep fittings simple. Consider options like a wooden bowl to hold the toilet roll or a marble tray to keep face towels. No hooks behind doors please! A wooden towel stand or shelf can do the same job, neatly.

Ritu Nanda, Head of Design, Ritu Nanda Design, Mumbai & Goa

“My practice is focused on delivering luxurious, one-of-a-kind spaces that perfectly combine aesthetic innovation, comfort and functionality. Our firm has built its reputation on its unmatched attention to detail, stylistic creativity, and commitment to quality products and service.”


Text: Compiled by The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images: Courtesy Ritu Nanda Design


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