Category : Bathroom Posted : 29/03/2022

Bright & Bold

Doused in graphic illustrations, this bathroom is all things contemporary and chic.​ The primary colours across the walls exude an artistic appeal while the tropical patterns on the wall fascinate your visual senses and add charm to the space.​ The Briolette basin blends seamlessly with the aesthetics of the space while various textures and graphical design elements come together to make this state-of-art bathroom one-of-a-kind.


Solids & Illustrations

Fascinating and imposing, the bright and colourful walls of this bathroom give the room its character and sass. The Monstera leaf patterned wallpaper in bright pastel hues, adds drama and dimension to the space, while fixtures like Vox Forefront and Valve tall faucet add unprecedented class and elegance.

Textures & Patterns

Neutral decor doesn’t have to be basic, and this magnificent bathroom depicts how a simple black and white decor can be brilliantly bold if balanced right.

The black and white Terrazzo in combination with multi-coloured hexagonal tiles flowing from wall to floor add a punch of drama and colour to this modern bathroom. The arches add character to the space, dividing the room into different zones. The ModernLife basin exudes sophistication while the exquisite bathtub and the gold hued Valve Tall faucet add grandeur to the space.

Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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