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Four Ideas For A Home Spa

With the right decor almost any bathroom can be modified into a relaxation haven of one’s dreams. We share easy tricks on how to make your home-spa dreams a reality…

1. Declutter The Mind

The ultimate home spa experience begins with a simple mantra: get organised. Since clutter results in chaos in the mind, it’s important to maintain a well organised, neat bathroom space that exudes serenity. Control the mess by arranging your personal grooming items in your vanity drawers. Get drawer dividers for more space, and include abundant counter space near the basin to make it as functional as possible. Keep open shelving for guest toiletries hiding your daily ones in vanity drawers. To add to the clean look, hang a few pristine white towels or neatly roll them on a shelf to complete the calm feeling.

2. Tease Your Senses

Taking inspiration from your favourite relaxation locales, recreate a similar mood to transform your spa-like bathroom into your happy place! For a truly relaxing time, it’s important to immerse all your senses to create a mood: play soft music from shower speakers to calm the mind; light a favourite fragrant candle, or even use a steam shower with essential oils to appeal to your sense of smell; add wall art in calming colours to please the eye; and unique shower and bath fixtures with rain heads and air features to please your sense of touch. 

3. Heal With Water

As spas were originally built around natural mineral springs that had health giving waters, the flow and sound of water should be a key factor in creating a small, yet luxurious, bathroom space. Incorporate a rain-simulating showerhead, or even a waterfall faucet to evoke the sounds of rippling water over pebbles, for a complete spa-like experience.

4. Dim Those Lights

Lighting is not just functional, but also sets a mood, adds shape and colour, and defines spaces. Add style, sophistication and brightness to your space with vertical lighting, pairing them with cabinets or mirrors, using pendants, sconces and ceiling lights to enhance the overall look.


Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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