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Sleek and chic or textured and weathered…adding elements of nature or bright back lighting can instantly transform a bathroom, making it the talking point of your home. KNS Architects’ Kanhai Gandhi explains how… 

If you want a glam modern look…. 

In this bathroom, the vanity and the wall next to it are both made of onyx that has been backlit. Since there is no natural light available, onyx being translucent in nature helps in the exposure of light, adding a ‘wow’ factor to the overall ambience of the space. The mirror on the right has been used mainly to make the bathroom seem bigger than its actual size.  


In the other project, the vanity counter has been treated like a console, and has been made using backlit onyx as well. The rest of the bathroom is minimal. Yellow lights add a relaxed and calm feel, making the setting serene and soothing. While the artificial lighting creates a tranquil atmosphere, it can also be used to generate a customisable environment or even be changed based on the mood. 

If you prefer a warm appeal…. 


Natural ventilation is one thing that should be kept in mind while designing a bathroom. This one, in contrast to the previous two spaces, has a lot of natural light that has been used to its full potential. In addition to circadian lighting, that adds a wellness factor, the illuminators and the use of plants have enhanced the monochrome look of this bathroom. The greens add a sense of freshness and are also pleasing to look at. Using the full potential of natural light and adding plants to bring in some freshness to the space is a great way to introduce elements of nature to the bathroom.  


Playing Around With Technology & Lighting 

  • When natural light is unavailable, backlighting the wall panels and vanity counters add a beautiful effect to the bathroom. Apart from that, the use of mirrors that reflect light expands the space, making it look larger than it actually is.  

  • Use mood lighting that can be changed by a press of a button. Use fixtures that provide acupressure points or the option to choose between warm and cold water. Use technology cleverly to conserve and prevent wastage of water in your bathroom. 

  • Taps and faucets should be placed in a way that they don’t spill out a lot of water.  

  • As hygiene is of utmost importance, using self-sanitising seat covers is the best way to introduce tech into your space.  

Kanhai Gandhi, Co-Founder & Principal Architect, KNS Architects, Mumbai 

“The diversity of projects I work on has honed my wide range of skills from knowing of optimum utilisation of space to implementation of design, as I bear in mind the interest and needs of the client. I like to remain focused on good design practices from inception to completion in all aspects such as design development, detailing and on-site execution.” 


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company  

Images Courtesy: KNS Architects  


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