Category : Bathroom Posted : 14/09/2021

The skilful pairing of matte and polished golds with whites or blacks, truly elevates and simultaneously adds panache to any home environment…. Here’s how you can add a touch of shine to your bathroom without compromising on elegance

TIP 1: Shine Your Mirrors & Counters

A quick way to bring in some gilt is to decorate with gold-bordered mirrors, and a touch of the yellow on the vanity counter below – whether on the knobs or the frames of the cupboards. If you have an open vanity, or just a basin counter, consider getting the legs brass polished to stand out against a white or black for that perfect contrast. And another way to play around with matte and glossy golds for that added touch of royalty...make a lacquered gold foil counter top with a snazzy mosaic back splash!


TIP 2: Wash Your Walls 

If looking for that wow factor, try splashing your walls with this gilded tone. Play around with textures, shapes and materials.... Mix a hint with other materials or just add in a bold single accent wall – don’t be shy and experiment with gleam.


TIP 3: Sparkle Your Faucets And Fittings

There’s no easier way to bring some gold to your bathroom than with the simple addition of faucets and fittings. Gold for your basin and shower faucets and even your hygiene spray are sure to bring a royal look to your simple surroundings. Adding in a gold towel rack, soap dispenser or toothbrush holder will enhance the sparkle, without seeming too OTT!


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company


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