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Styles and trends change over the years, but great design is eternal. When building or remodelling your bathroom, think beyond the basics to create something that will both delight and stand the test of time…

Make It Low Maintenance

Dare To Think Big

The first step is to think about what you want, and indulge those fantasies. Like a shower with integrated steam, sprays, lighting and music? Add it to your wish list. Glass enclosures, 360-degree lighted mirrors, floating vanities? Add them too. The bathroom is most important from a well-being perspective, so don’t be shy of turning yours into a sanctuary that will endure for years.

Prioritise Needs

Once you’ve made a wish list, divide it into “must-haves” and “maybes”, get prices, and keep a check on your budget. Make a contingency plan of 10-15% for any unexpected additions too. And remember – if you get it right, you’ll only have to do it once.

Make It Low Maintenance

Thinking long-term is always ideal, so build a space that’s easy to clean. Skirted, self-cleaning toilets, low-maintenance tiles and nonporous countertops help increase the longevity of your bathroom fixtures. Wall-mounted faucets make the vanity easier to clean too. Paying attention to minor details can enhance your morning routine as well.


Digital showering, intelligent toilets, LED mirrors and other advances are already becoming commonplace items, so installing these are sure to enrich your space in the long run. Adding adequate plumbing and electrical connections will make it easier to incorporate smart products in the future too. Installing an outlet near the WC will enable you to upgrade to intelligent models and cleansing seats without having to route any extension cords later.


Add Accessibility

As you age, your bathroom should be able to adapt to your needs and preferences. Accessible design makes the space accommodate most requirements, from Comfort Height® toilets and Kohler Shower Barre to wheelchair friendly walk-in baths. These offer functional benefits without compromising on style and beauty.

Remember, the bathroom is your most personal space, so it should be a reflection of your needs and tastes. And that’s what matters most.

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