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When you create stunning interiors using varied textures, colours and materials, use this palette for your private spaces too. Architect Kapil Aggarwal of Spaces Architects@Ka shares a project where he made the home look homogenous and seamless in one design style…


“Everything should be in symphony with one another. Since bathrooms are just an extension of bedrooms, the idea should always be to follow the same notes as per the interiors of the rest of the house,” says Aggarwal about maintaining uniformity and homogeneity with the home when it comes to designing a bathroom. With examples from one of his projects, The Screen House, he shows us how to bring in a common thread to the whole space. 


Since the powder room would be used by a lot of guests, the idea was to make it look extremely luxurious. So we used coated brass sheets as the wall cladding, and antique fixtures from Kohler have been added to give it a royal finish. The floor was kept simple in white marble, as the rest of the materials are the focus of the space.

For the guest bathroom, we’ve done engraving in natural stone, and the same has been used for the vanity countertop. We added a bit of patterning and prints for the wall and the skirting to add an element of drama to the room. A selection of chrome-finish sanitary fixtures completes the look.

This blue and white bathroom, used for a soft look, is attached to the kids’ room, and was done with a minimal, subtle material palette in mind. We added a bold countertop basin from Kohler's coloured sanitaryware range to aptly complement the rest of the decor. 

Tips To Get Creative In The Bathroom

  • Select a theme and style wisely so that it becomes an element in itself.

  • Artworks to a space can be added in any form, so don’t restrict yourself to just framed paintings if you want to experiment.

  • Objects like almirah shutters, ceilings, walls or mirrors can be worked on creatively, so keep those factors in mind when selecting your fittings. Designs around mirrors or carvings on walls are great decorative elements for a bathroom.  


Kapil Aggarwal, Founder, Spaces Architects@KA, New Delhi

“I have been working on projects ranging from furniture designing to corporate buildings, schools, residences and restoration projects. I consider myself an artist turned architect, and each project is an extension of my art form. Even my house is a reflection of myself where each space has been considered as a canvas frame.”


Images courtesy: Spaces Architects

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 


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