Category : Bathroom Posted : 25/11/2022

With bathrooms, one can either keep things small and simple or go all out and classic. Ahmedabad-based interior designer Aparna Mehra shows us how to do the latter while maintaining the space’s charm…



The architecture of the project was done by the esteemed Dilip Soni, who is known for his classical designs. I am the interior designer of this residential project based in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Our clients wanted a luxurious royal feel to the space. The entire residence is done in Ambaji marble, and the bathroom was a take on the same material. We added a bit of inlay work and paired it with Blue Azul Gold Italian marble. The wardrobes are a part of the washroom, so we wanted to keep the central space open for ease of movement as well as provide an opportunity for the lovely inlay in the marble to be seen. 


The bathroom is pretty large, so we had numerous options to work with. After several layouts we settled on this symmetric one that fulfilled all the requirements of the clients as well as made the space look open, bright and clutter-free. The plumbing fixtures with an antique bronze finish, also add a little oomph to the space. We wanted a smooth seamless feel while also giving the room a bit of glamour.


Aparna’s quick storage and decor ideas for a large bathroom

⦁ Keep practicality and maintenance in mind when designing your space. Nothing is worth it, if it cannot be used easily

⦁ If your vanities are small and basins are large, hide the basin depth in a broad band of carved wood and provide ever-useful drawers

⦁ Make slots in your wardrobe for an extendable ladder, if you have a loft above 

⦁ Keep in mind the styling for the bathroom fixtures and electrical fixtures, like the fan and chandelier

⦁ For an old-world charm, work with antique bronze framing for the glass cubicles instead of keeping them frameless

⦁ The most important thing in any space is natural light, and that is what renders any space with timelessness

Aparna Mehra, Interior Designer, Aparna Mehra Designs, Ahmedabad
“Having moved around the country, living in makeshift spaces always close to nature, made me nature's child, and that's what I see in the spaces I create. Design to me brings happiness. A marriage of purpose and craftsmanship is the trend I advocate. When I design, my aim is to move through spaces seamlessly. I believe that a designer's presence must vanish once the project is complete – I don’t want to be present in any form once the residents come to live there. This is the ethos for all my projects.”


Images courtesy: Aparna Mehra Designs 
Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 


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