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Its summer already! The sea beckons…and you crave for that feeling of sand in your feet. And to keep clean after those long beach days we all love, some tips below!

Tip 1: Shack It Up

During the long hours spent enjoying the azure waters of the sea, it’s certain that you’d need to make a trip to the loo at some point in the day. A standalone shack toilet, installed at the beach gate of your home but close enough to the shore, is very useful for a quick run to freshen up. It maybe small in width but has room enough to fit one person.... And don’t forget to wash your hands after! 

Tip 2: Room For Change
The one thing everyone dislikes after a day at the seashore is sandy beachwear. With a makeshift changing room and mini dressing areas equipped with a tap and bucket, feeling clean couldn’t be quicker and easier. Get out of your wet clothes at the beach itself, and have a speedy ‘balti-bath’ to rinse off all the sand and salt…. 

Tip 3: Feet First

Here’s a quick tip to make sure you’re not taking a chunk of sand back into the house. Add a tap under a concrete seater or parapet and let those sand caked feet cleanse out with the cool water. While you dangle your feet remember to give your slippers a rinse as well…and you’ll be clean and sand-free back home.  

Tip 4: Bringing The Beach Home
If the beach is too far or too crowded to go to, you can recreate a beach-like ambience in your own open to sky bathroom. An outdoor bathtub nestled within succulents and pebbles, gives you your privacy while also providing natural light and air, making for a personal beach experience!

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