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Add an extra touch of oomph to your bathrooms with Jaipur Rugs’ exquisite selection of floorcoverings…

The Art Deco-inspired wall, in gold and black tiling behind the WC, blends seamlessly with the sleek gold faucet and fixtures of this bathroom, as well as with the clean-cut shape of the Nysa vessel. Embellished with a stone diamond-polished look, the Vienna-beige tiled floor and walls match perfectly with the luxurious vanity under which lies a beautiful rug by Jaipur Rugs. This bathroom truly oozes luxury.


A perfect place for moments of tranquillity…. The neutral half-and-half walls with matte grey flooring allow all the other elements of the space to really shine.​ The Presquile vanity, along with a gorgeous Kankara vessel and a composed faucet add luxury to the space.​ The shower set overlooking the garden brings you closer to nature, while the rug by Jaipur Rugs in earthy tones exudes a spa-like effect, livening up the space. 


The ultimate synergy between design and its surrounding environment makes this bathroom a truly rejuvenating space.​ The chic covering by Jaipur Rugs blends perfectly with the flooring, with its intricate details and modern design, making the space look extra-lux. With a neutral palette and gold fixtures, this outdoor bath space radiates magnificence.


The earthy, neutral backsplash on the wooden slate walls lends a warm vibe, with the matte-finish infinity wall behind the bathtub making the space look undeniably chic. With natural light emanating through the window, the room exudes a seamless unison of the interior and exterior spaces. The elegant rug by Jaipur Rugs adds a fashionable charm to the bathroom.


Natural and contemporary, this light-filled bathroom perfectly reflects the beauty of the external setting merging with internal luxury. The ebonised vanity with a ribbed texture and a stunning Corian top adds a rustic vibe to the space. The extravagant carpet by Jaipur Rugs oozes grandeur, completing the look. With splendid architectural design, this bathroom strikes the right balance between grand and grounded.


Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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