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The way you light your bathroom is based on the usage and mood you would like to create. Here’s a compilation of three lighting choices, with styles and purposes that will enhance the look of any space

1. Task Lighting

Task lighting is mostly functional, with concentrated light that helps to illuminate a detailed task (like grooming and make up application) without providing harsh glares on your face. It is used as an addition to other types of lights as it’s not as effective if used alone. These lights, which are meant to augment your grooming space, come in several different forms, from large modular lights, to discreet built-in lighting found in cabinets and vanities. Not only do these lighting solutions ease the task of getting ready, they also add some much-needed flair to your bathroom.


2. Ambient Lighting

Also referred to as mood lighting, ambient lighting can play a decorative role in your space. These lights provide overall illumination for a room with a soft glow that envelops the space, and also offers enough light to function and give a consistent level of lighting to allow safe navigation through your bathroom. Lighted mirrors are commonly used for ambient lighting. They bring quietness and are a great addition to any design theme.  


3. Night Lights


Unsung heroes of the lighting world, night-lights ensure visibility for way finding and illuminate the general space at night with low, diffused light that is soft on the eyes. Many products like vanities and mirrors come with in-built backlights. If you like technology add motion-sensors that come on as soon as you open the door. For creating a mood, a floor lamp would be perfect. Else under basin or dim low lights will come to use. 

With so many options to pick from, the best choice is often a mix of styles that eventually result in a truly unique bathroom that’s customised to your wants and needs.

Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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