Category : Bathroom Posted : 17/08/2020

Luxurious vanity has ample storage and counter space to showcase a large basin

The focal point of the design is a nature-inspired glass fibre wallpaper

The modern minimalist toilet design against the stone enhances the visual contrast

The spa configuration enabled by a digital interface provides for an unmatched showering experience

7 questions with Ar. Love Choudhary, AND Studio



  • How did you get inspired to create this bathroom design?


The central inspiration for this design would have to be a modern neo-classical look. For this bathroom, we wanted to go for a luxurious look mixing hints of industrial touches with a modern brooding aesthetic. The theme of beige and black with sleek gold detailing blending in harmoniously recalls a sophisticated feel.


  • What was your pet peeve during the design process?


The main problem we had to tackle during the design process was to manage the space efficiently and aesthetically.


  • Tell us about your signature style.


My favourite theme is deploying muted tones with accents of colour and to bring freshness through experimentation.


  • Who is your dream client?


A dream client would be one who gives us the necessary creative freedom to truly create something extraordinary.


  • What’s your favourite/unique/ bizzare bathroom design?

The creative license that comes along with designing a kid’s bathroom is a catalyst to let our imagination fly


  • The #1 bathroom trend right now is using a neutral colour palette with a feature wall as a focal point. One such example of a feature wall is a nature-inspired glass fibre wallpaper.


  • Your worst bathroom nightmare is two WCs facing each other. It’s the worst situation you can encounter.


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