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Concrete or wood, greys or browns, light or dark – there are so many ways one can play around with raw materials for bath spaces. Designers Archis Patel and Tanvi Rajpurohit of A+T Associates share some design ideas.

Material Play



While we usually receive a standard set of requirements from clients, we believe that washrooms should be designed according to their users’ age, personality and preferences, so that they feel like the space is personalized for them. You start your day from here so it should absolutely be practical and comfortable to use. 

A mix of concrete and wood is the best, most timeless and appealing combination to use. It is never out of fashion and always refreshing to the eye. For these spaces, we opted for a concrete look but used maintenance-free tiles. We didn’t intentionally think of giving them an industrial look, but due to the combination of materials they may appear as such. For the first bathroom, we used Italian stone, while the second project included the use of terrazzo stone and concrete-finish vitrified tiles. The third bathroom has an Italian look tile, mixed with quartz stone.  



Archis & Tanvi’s Quick Design Tips

⦁ While using wood in washrooms you need to keep in mind that you don't use it in a totally wet area like a shower enclosure. It should be used in semi wet areas like under the basin counters or dressing areas

⦁ Always use solvent base-polish to make the wood maintenance-free and long lasting. Don't use wood as flooring material in bathrooms

⦁ Always start designing any bathroom from the point of view of the practicality of space planning. Then jump to the materials, brands to be used, colour theme, and budget 

Archis Patel & Tanvi Rajpurohit, Co-Founders, A+T Associates, Vadodara
“Our firm was established with a view to explore design directions and looking at the design process as a journey of discovery. We offer services aimed at end-to-end design of spaces and are dedicated to innovation and creativity, attention to detail, proportions and scale, and are continuously looking at ways of experimenting with materials in our designs.”

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 
Images Courtesy: A+T Associates


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