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The most important part of good hygiene is cleanliness, and most importantly when it comes to our toilets. Here are quick tips and tricks to make sure your WC is forever shiny and germ-free.

Begin With The Perfect Toilet

This may be a given, but the best way to take the hassle out of cleaning is to make sure you have a great toilet. Models with strong flushing power, integrated self-cleaning technology, and anti-stick coating on the bowl and rim are sure winners. After all, a better-built toilet is always easier to maintain!

Get A Quick-Release™ Seat

Tight corners and crannies are the worst part of cleaning toilets, with seat attachment points being the worst offenders that fill up with dirt and can get rusty. Save yourself time by getting a Quick-Release seat that snaps on and off with ease.

Get Some Gloves 


Make sure you get yourself a pair of durable gloves that cover your wrists and forearms, protecting your hands from all kinds of germs and residue. Pick a material that doesn’t cause allergic reactions, and you’ll be perfectly armed for some scrubbing!

Clear The Clutter

Brushes, plungers, trash bins and spare tissue rolls usually surround most of our toilets. Find a different storage space for these, and it’s sure to make for a much more efficient and quick cleaning process.

Sanitise Frequently

Cleaning your WC more often means faster, more low-intensity washes that will make sure that you don’t have to battle the tough stains, leaving you scrubbing for hours. It’s always better to habitually cleanse rather than wait until you can’t stand the grime and stench in the toilet anymore!

Pick Cleansers Wisely

Most liquid cleaners and brushes available at general stores effectively clean the toilet from inside and outside, and work well at dealing with germs too. But look for cleaners with appealing scents, and brushes with ergonomic handles and adjustable heads that will reach the toughest areas of the bowl.

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