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Designing with humble shades of black and white is as exciting as it would be challenging. Architect Mangesh Lungare, who runs his eponymous design studio in Mumbai, shares his experience on working with these hues….


Part of a luxurious five-bedroom apartment with a view of the iconic Marine Drive promenade, this bathroom is layered with textures that help soften the strong monochromatic aesthetic. The glass duct door allows natural light to enter, while the greens within it bring a sense of vibrancy to the space. The small touches of brass add warmth to the room, and the use of black for the framed glass partition has a strong impact on the complete visual experience. The smallest details have been executed carefully, which are complemented by the overall balance of blacks and greys, sculptural lines of white on the walls, and the brass accents.

A modern design with old world glamour, this bathroom has been sensitively imagined to prioritise family living. The rectangular mirror with rounded edges adds a bit of character to the room, while the marble vanity countertop with the sunken basin enhances its elegant vibe. The brass fittings and hanging pendant light complete the modern aesthetic of this simple but attractive space.

5 Smart Tips On Going Monochrome

  • The use of monochromatic colours in different textures and materials should complement each other – don’t go monochrome for the sake of it. As the bathroom is your only space to relax and feel fresh in, it should be a renewed experience. So design wisely!

  • Patterns can be carved out for the walls, floors and other elements to break up the uniformity and add some character to the space.

  • Landscape and natural light has a transformative effect on the space, bringing it alive – so add in a plant or two to bring in a pop of colour and a natural ambiance to your bathroom.

  • Natural light is of utmost importance to any space. It adds a sense of brightness to your room, especially a monochrome one, and gives one the experience of shifting colours with the movement of sun and the changing seasons.

  • Warm lights brighten up the bathroom to make a comfortable and intimate setting, so add them wherever needed.

Mangesh Lungare

Mangesh Lungare, Founder, Mangesh DL Architecture & Interior Design, Mumbai

“My practice involves collaborating with clients to create spaces which are a true extension of their style, character and aspirations. Each project has been carved out of a story of an individual or family, which makes it a unique expression of detail. There is a continuous exchange of dialogue on the philosophical and practical aspects of the client’s lifestyle. Hence, every project has its own story and character, but also includes my own language of aesthetics.”


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images courtesy: Mangesh DL Architecture & Interior Design


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