Category : Bathroom Posted : 25/03/2022

Playing with gold and brown – a combination with which you can never go wrong – Mumbai based designer Abdullah Mojawala shares details of his modern-day inspiration where he’s successfully used this pairing…

Modern Minimalistic


Working with a Mumbai city, new building bathroom size, the brief for the project was pretty keep it contemporary with clean lines. Ironically the client didn’t want brown anywhere else except the bathroom…! They had a very clear idea of wanting a warm woody feel with wooden flooring in mind. Our selection was hence narrowed down to a wooden tile floor along with marble, paired with the exquisite Kohler Aleo Plus gold fittings. To balance the fixtures, we added gold glass sticks between the marble tiles, bringing in some shimmer and bling that the bathroom needed. The marble complemented the wood beautifully, and as the grains of the marble were somewhat golden, we choose the Kohler Aleo Gold fittings.


Abdullah’s tips for a balanced bathroom

  • Picking the right choice of colour is the most important thing when doing a monochromatic colour palette. The top consideration in monotone colour palettes is contrast. The biggest dilemma you can face is that nothing stands out but you can eliminate this feeling with sharp contrast. In our design, bling gold knobs were added to the white duco drawers to make them stand out under the long quartz countertop.

  • You could enhance the look of a bathroom with a bold tile or a graphic wallpaper or new storage design or antique hardware.

  • Tile colour or tile play is very important whilst doing up a bathroom. Avoid dark tiles in a small bathroom – instead pastel colours or whites will be soothing to the eye.

  • Space management is crucial to consider in a small bathroom – a vanity works well in a large space whereas if you have space constraints then a floating countertop of any stone (be it quartz, marble, granite or any other) would work best, making it look more open and comfortable.



Abdullah Mojawala, Principal Designer, Abdullah Mojawala Designs Mumbai

“Innovative interior designer, with a passion and an eye for detail yet very pragmatic about the design approach – that’s me…! With 4 years of experience in designing commercial and residential spaces, now working freelance, I’ve been a full-time designer for architectural firm Christopher Liang Architects, designing villas in Alibaug, and offices and luxury apartments all over the city of Mumbai. When I am not working, I spend my time in fulfilling and relaxing pursuits such as watching or playing football, music, reading…and I enjoy connecting with people.”



Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images courtesy: Abdullah Mojawala Designs


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