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Providing your bathroom with an old-world feel, by repurposing pre-loved decor and lighting objects, has its own charm. Designer Shiraz Jamali shows us how best to achieve this

Modernising Inheritance


My client wanted the new bathrooms of her family home to have a sense of familiarity and stay true to the character of the house, full of beautiful vintage furniture and decor. 

In all the six bathrooms, different sized, coloured terrazzo and glazed tiles have been used as a common element to tie them all together. The bathrooms are of varying sizes and shapes, making each space unique and fun. They each are a blend of contemporary styling paired with classical and art-deco lighting. The design of the bathrooms and home in general was meant to pay homage to the client’s late mother who was an avid collector of antiques. All the furniture and lights in this home have hence been curated and restored from her large collection of goodies, amassed from her regular Sunday treasure hunting trips to Chor Bazaar. 


Shiraz’s Tips on Tiling 

⦁ Height of the tiling is based on various factors like the difference in floor heights between wet and dry areas, practical concerns of water and long-term maintainability, and of course value engineering

⦁ Tiling all the way up is usually done in bathrooms with a low ceiling, whereas bathrooms with a higher ceiling are tiled to an appropriate height, keeping it lighter and making it feel more open

⦁ Sometimes, it’s aesthetically pleasing to match the rest of the wall colour with the tile below to give it some continuity and also to ensure a better paint finish at the junction of tile and paint so as to hide any flaws


Shiraz Jamali, Founding Architect, and Mammen Paul, Sr Architect, Shiraz Jamali Architects, Mumbai
Shiraz Jamali Architects, founded in 2016, specialize in conceiving high calibre solutions for interior, architectural design and landscaping and with their unconventional approach to design, strive to create innovative, creative and enriching solutions in answering current architectural and interior needs. Shiraz enjoys the unique challenges that come along with every project treating them as an opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts, maximizing the potential of a site and the client's needs. Mammen’s ability to think out of the box keeps their body of work fresh and continuously evolving.

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 
Images courtesy: Shiraz Jamali Architects

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