Category : Bathroom Posted : 20/06/2022

Dotted Marble Flooring

Eclectic and contemporary, this bathroom is a symphony of rich textures and dark tones. Adorned by the India Vietnam marble, the walls give a fluidic look to the space while the rich gold and black penny tiles exude elegance and act as the anchor wall.​ The geometric patterned dual colour flooring completes the look adding a splash of elegance. Combined with the Nysa basin, the Vive faucet adds fluidity and a sense of motion to the aesthetics of the space.​ Splendid and stylish, this bathroom is a perfect example of modern luxury.



Patterned Cement Flooring

Warm, hearty and effusive, this monochromatic bath space is all about opulence. The grey William walls with black and white patterned cemented flooring exude simplicity while the gold Vive faucet adds a touch of elegance. The suave and future-ready ModernLife basin emanates an intriguing charm and leaves you in awe. Minimalist yet lavish, this bath space shows a deep and meaningful connection with design without being too vocal about it.


Matt Finish Flooring

The design language of this patterned bath space is modern in form, execution and colour palette. The terrazzo encased bathing area is equipped with exquisite Turkish stone and luxurious gold fixtures on showering wall. Paired with parquet patterned tiles on the walls, the hexagonal matt finish flooring adds a graceful touch, while the natural light from skylight and windows fills, this bathroom with ample natural glow.


Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company
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