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To begin each day on a fresh note it is important to start off with a positive approach. Here are three quick tips to enhance your bathroom and make your daily morning routine something to look forward to….

1. Augment Your Shower Area

A good shower in the morning is ideal to wake up your senses. Since many start their day with this, it is important to pick the right showerhead, as that can get you pumped and ready to take on the day. Showers that include the KOHLER® Awaken shower faucet kit offer multiple options for spa-like spray experiences. Choose from the overhead rain head for a rinse, the hand shower or both! Even a showerhead with speakers is an easy way to rejuvenate your bathing area. Nothing like a great bath-time experience to get you energised!   

2. Organisation Is Key

An organised bathroom not only keeps things running smooth during your morning routine, but also gives a serene feeling to the space. Consider adding vanity accessories, such as in-drawer organisers or shower shelves to keep things in order. This helps to keep your bathroom clean, fresh and visually appealing at all times. Simple compartmentalisation of toiletries, skin and hair care products, tucked away napkins and towels…all with an easy access, will enhance your bathing experience. 

3. Give Your Faucets A Makeover


In hot and humid climates, washing your face at least twice a day should be an essential part of your routine. And with this in mind, the sink and faucet combination are essential to a bathroom layout. With many faucet options from sleek single-handles to traditional two-handle designs, it’s easy to find one that will fit your personal needs and design style. A quick fixture change can enhance the look of your space and simplify your morning routine. Are your fittings too mismatched? Do your hands hit the back of the basin when you’re washing? Does the water splash all over the countertop? If yes, then a simple upgrade of your faucets and complementary fittings always helps.  

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