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From playing around with lighting to creating a spa-like ambience in your private space, the options of creative bathroom design are boundless. Designer Hiren Ganatra gives us a few tips as he takes us through his project Casa Neue… 


The walls in black-and-white panda marble accentuate the modern look of the master bath. A vision in monochrome, the black basin mixer splendidly complements the built-in white Corian seamless basin. The glass walls almost act like a frame to this beautiful black and white painting.


Designed as a spa, this larger-than-life bathroom is a style statement in itself. The walls are clad with deep copper metallic mosaics, which both shine and reflect light. The black spider marble floor adds to the warmth of the space, and the custom-made bathtub in white quartz stands out. The highlight of this space are the fibre optic lights installed in the ceiling which look like tiny twinkling stars, completing the vibe of the room.

The powder room is strategically lit to create an immersive palette. The hemispherical wall mirror and three-dimensional jewel insect sculptures, placed strategically to emulate their attraction to the glimmering light, bring the space to life. 

Use Lighting To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Lighting is the most important aspect of creating a mood. Some tips….

  • Try using more, but gentler light sources to highlight the hero elements of the room. Have an option of creating different moods by installing dimmers.

  • All the walls should be treated homogeneously and important elements such as the bathtub or a unique basin should stand out. Make the fittings and fixtures the hero of your space.

  • Instead of using a standard spotlight, try a pendant to light the vanity. Experimenting with fibre optic lights gives impressive results too, so be open to ideas!

  • Install warm lights…build the mood, or fit cool, white lights for task efficiency eg while shaving or for the vanity area.

  • Use COBs (chip-on-board lights) of various beam angles to illuminate a specific element or detail. Create a dynamic expression by illuminating a plant, the basin or even a highlighter wall.

  • Select light fittings that have an IP rating.

Hiren Ganatra and Saloni Ganatra, Founders & Principal Designers, Colab Company, Mumbai

“Maison Colab is the bespoke segment of our design firm, for the upscale urban modernist who garners an inherent passion for interior design, art/antiques, modern design and architecture, creating an equilibrium of classic and modern styles. As we come from a solid design experience, we realise projects of any scale and detail with great emotional value, given our eclectic and composite background.”


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Photos by: Fabien Charuau

Images courtesy: Colab Company


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