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Using a single colour for a space can make it look elegant and unified. Architect Sumessh Menon enlightens what it takes to introduce the beauty of monotone in washrooms. 


Designed for a modern, contemporary home, we used shades of grey everywhere in this space, as the client was a fan of this colour. Italian marble with inserts of a gold profile formed the highpoint of this master bathroom. The room, including the wet area, is completely monochrome, as we didn’t want a second or third colour. The entire space has flutes running through it. There are scooped out flutes done in Italian marble, where the vanity box is, while the console has a wood fluting with PU coating. For everything else, we used brushed gold, including for the fittings from Kohler. For the shower cubicle, we added a marble bench and used fluted glass for the door. The entire bathroom is made up of only wood and marble, with the grooves in the wall also being scooped out marble. 


Completely done in terrazzo, in this bathroom we used a simple grey with a black and white print engineered marble. We created unique arched niches, as we wanted to go for an appearance where everything in the bathroom was arched, including the door. The black fittings and accessories are all by Kohler in a powder coating, giving the space a stylish lustre. A terrazzo bench in the shower completes the design of the wet area, with a seamless, stain proof glass separating it from the dry.  


For The Best Of Monotone…

  • Avoid multiple hues – stay with one colour for the full space, whether using terrazzo, onyx, granite or marble.

  • Bring out the beauty of one material – scoop out grooves, make flutes or niches and experiment in various ways.

  • Use colours like brushed gold for panels and niches – cut down the opulence of brighter metallic tones. Tip: This material is extremely low maintenance…it doesn’t rust or tarnish so it’s easy to clean and preserve.

  • Match minute things – even for a shower cubicle door, make sure you get hinges in a similar colour to the rest of the space, whether gold, silver, or a powder coated black. 

Sumessh Menon, Principal Architect, Sumessh Menon Associates, Mumbai

“Conceived more than a decade ago, our company specialises in high end and bespoke interiors. Our projects are imbued with a modern mixture of found objects, repurposed materials, accessories, and furniture made at the highest level of international craft. Our work embraces both the period and the modern, and by providing clients with an elite level of turn-key service, we ensure a dynamic and efficient design process.”


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images Courtesy: Sumessh Menon Associates


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